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Ellinogermaniki Agogi (E.A.) is a private law, Greek- German school, officially recognized by the Greek state. Ellinogermaniki Agogi (E.A.) provides an integrated course of schooling from kindergarten through to high school level. Students from the school win qualifications to study in Greek, German and British Universities. E.A. is an institutional member of EDEN (European Distance Education Network), of STEDE (Science Teacher Education Development in Europe) network and of ECSITE (European Network of Science Centres and Museums) network. Established in 1995, the Research and Development Department provides the best possible test bed for research and applications for the design, development and implementation of research in educational methods. The research work of the department focuses on the following areas: a) development of methodologies and empirical research to investigate processes of learning and knowledge acquisition in various subject-matter areas (physics, mathematics, biology, history, etc.); b) collaboration with computer science departments and artificial intelligence labs for the development of computational models and Ambient Intelligence systems (wearable computers, embedded devices); c) collaboration with Universities and private companies for the development and testing of educational software; and d) the design of technology-supported learning environments. The Ellinogermaniki Agogi research group is the author of the official Greek text-books for science and physics teaching in the last two grades of elementary school and the last two grades of high-school. I recent years, the Research and Development Department has coordinated and supported the participation of the organization in more than 60 RTD European and National projects.

In the Block Magic Project, EA will coordinate WP6 (Trial: summative evaluation) and coordinate the Greek branch of the trial, where it will test the Block Magic Methodology with children without disabilities attending its kindergarten and primary school classes. EA will also contribute to the work of WP3 (Teaching methodology and learning exercises) involving teachers directly in the design of learning materials. EA will supervise the translation of learning materials into Greek. In the dissemination work package (WP7), EA will encourage the take-up of Block Magic methods by schools not participating directly in the project, and will coordinate contacts with the Greek media. EA will be responsible for the organization of the Greek national dissemination event, and will contribute journal and/or conference publications describing the experience of the Greek trial.

Name of staff member Summary of relevant skills and experience, including where relevant a list of recent publications related to the domain of the project.
 Sofoklis Sotiriou Sofoklis Sotiriou has a Master’s degree in Science in Physics in 1996 at the University of Athens, Greece, Physics Department. In 1998 he got his PhD in Physics (Experimental High Energy Physics) at the University of Athens. He joined postgraduate courses at CERN. (European Center for Nuclear and Particle Research) in Geneva, Switzerland and at the National Center for Scientific Research “DEMOKRITOS” in Athens, Greece. Since October 1998 he is the Head of Research and Development Department of Ellinogermaniki Agogi. His main research field is the design, application, and evaluation of virtual and digital media environments that could bridge the gap between formal and informal science learning. He has been involved in a long series of EU joint research and technology funded projects. He is the author of more than 10 books for the implementation of ICT in school environments. He has more than 60 contributions to conferences, symposia and workshops.
Manos Apostolakis  Manos Apostolakis is a physicist. He holds a PhD in Distance Learning & Science Education & a Master in Science. He is currently a mentor – teacher of post graduate students in the OUC & a mentor – supervisor of post-graduate students’ Master thesis in the Greek Open University. He is an assistant principal in the Greek private educational institution “Ellinogermaniki Agogi” & involved in pedagogical research in the R&D Dept. of EA in the fields of Distance Education & ICT in Education. He has a 10 years’ experience as a trainer (both in distance education & conventional in-service training programs) in the fields of ICT use in education & science teaching. He is also a writer of science textbooks & handbooks in ODL.
Anna Zoakou Anna Zoakou works as researcher in the Research and Development of Ellinogermaniki Agogi school. Anna is a social scientist with theoretical background and practical experience in the management of programs related to the creative exploitation of digital media in education, capacity building in disadvantaged social groups, teacher training, anti-bullying policies, career education, and dropout studies. She holds a BA in Greek Philology and Linguistics, an MA in Political Science and Sociology and a PhD in Sociology of Education from University of Athens. Her PhD and relevant research has a particular focus on the educational aspects of the migration policies and their impact on integration effectiveness. She has a strong experience in coordinating large, inhomogeneous, multicultural teams across institutions and countries and in the organization of workshops and conferences.
Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou holds a BA in Greek Philology and an MA in ICT in Education.  She is a PhD candidate in the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and her PhD thesis is mainly concerned with teaching Ancient Greek using Text Corpora. She works as an ICT instructor in Ellinogermaniki Agogi Primary school and as an external fellow in the Research and Development department of Ellinogermaniki Agogi. She is responsible for the Block Magic project and especially for the Summative Evaluation.