Teaching Kit

DSC06908-smallThe first version of the Block Magic Teaching Kit has been released in early 2013. The Teaching Kits wwas used by teachers participating in the summative evaluation.  Each kit will contains:

  • Set of 48 Magic Blocks: an “intelligent” version of the Dienes’ logic blocks. Each block is equipped with a RFID sensor for automatic identification;
  • Magic Board: an RFID reader device, i.e. an antenna that reads the blocks identifiers and communicates them to the software;
  • Teacher’s Manual that provides (i) a general description of the Block Magic methodology; (ii) a description of the hardware and software in the Teacher’s Kit; and (iii) a guide to each learning activity, implemented in the kit, providing in each case the learning goals and rationale for the activity, and detailed instructions for organizing the activity in the classroom.
  • A CD containing all required software and scripts for all learning activities.

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