Presentation and discussion on Block Magic at the International Academic Conference on Education, Teaching and E-learning (Prague, October 17-18, 2013)

Clip_65The Project Manager of Block Magic, Raffaele Di Fuccio, presented the article “BlockMagic: Enhancing Traditional Didactic Materials with Smart Objects Technology” and the project itself at the international conference called “International Academic Conference on Education, Teaching and E-learning” in Prague held the 17th and 18th October 2013.

During the conference, the results of the trials in the Block Magic Project were shown with a presentation. In addition, Raffaele Di Fuccio presented some videos in order to describe the functionalities of the BlockMagic’s kit.

Clip_67 Clip_68

The event was a good opportunity to disseminate the project and the presentation allowed some interesting discussion regarding the Block Magic approach of teaching to children particular skills through hands-on technologies. Furthermore, the future opportunities presented by Block Magic were discussed through questions and suggestions.

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