Final Block Magic Conference


Date: November 30, 2013

Venue: Università Pontificia Salesiana;
P.zza dell’Ateneo Salesiano, 1, Rome

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Block Magic: Coming Back to an Hands-on Perspective in Technology Enhancing Learning applied in the Kindergarten and Primary School

The Conference is the final event of Block Magic Project, a research project funded by EU in the framework of Lifelong Program lasting two years. The international research consortium produced an innovative teaching tool – the Block Magic kit – in which smart technologies enhance some traditional psycho-pedagogical practices, namely the Logic Blocks teaching methodology. In the system, concrete objects are equipped with RFID sensors and an artificial tutoring systems guides the stidents through their learning process. The Block Magic Conference has the goal to show the results obtained during the pilot studies conducted in schools in 4 different European countries (Germany, Greece, Spain and Italy). Trials were also conducted with children with special needs.

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Provisional Programme



Presentation theme/topic


9.30 9.40 Opening and welcome to the workshop Prof. Zbigneiw Formella, Director of Psychology Institute, Università Pontificia Salesiana
9.40 9.50 Conference welcome by moderator Carlo Ricci, Professor of Psychology of disability and rehabiltation,  Università Pontificia Salesiana
9.50 10.50 BLOCK MAGIC: a two years adventure to explore new learning-teaching technology from traditional psycho-pedagogical practices Orazio Miglino, Raffaele Di FuccioBlockMagic Project
10.50 11.30 The methodological approach of the Block Magic Project Mario Barajas, Anna TrifonovaBlockMagic Project
11.30 12.10 Block-Magic kit to support children with special educational needs Patrizia Ceccarani, Mario CoppaBlockMagic Project
12.10 12.40 Walden PECS Communicator: a RFID/NFC App to enhance communication in persons with disability. Dr. Alberta Romeo, Walden Technology s.r.l.
12.40 14.20 Lunch Break
14.20 15.00 The use of smart technologies in the pedagogical field: Block Magic in Germany Jasmin Kadel, Anna BruesehaberBlockMagic Project
15.00 15.40 The use of smart technologies in the pedagogical field: Block Magic in Greece Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou, Anna Zoakou
15.40 16.00 Coffee Break
16.00 17.00 S-CUBE: how to enhance the social-relational competences using an online platform S-CUBE Consortium
17.00 17.30 Question Time and closing of conference Orazio Miglino, Carlo Ricci

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