Teachers’ feedback on Block Magic received during the TRANSIt summer school

Block Magic session within the TRANSIt summer school took place on July 1, 2013. It was assisted by 17 teachers interested incompetence based education.

The session included a short presentation of the Block Magic concept and methodology, followed by a time for free interaction with the system which permitted the teachers to feel the use of ICT-enhanced tangibles. Also, teachers got familiar with the exercises and the different skills they target in the learner. Finally, some time was dedicated on discussions and feedback on possible improvements of the system.

The overall feedback was positive, especially from primary school teachers, whose interest was very much captured by the system. Several teachers requested information of the potential commercialization of the final Block Magic kit and the possibility to test and use the system in their classrooms during the next school year (2013-2014). Some improvements suggestions were received, such as automated transition between the exercises.

Interest was shown also by secondary school teachers. During the discussion, a teacher commented that she sees the system also applicable for bigger children, i.e. suggests not limiting the target age of the children up to 7, but to consider exercises suitable for 7+ y.o.