Forthcoming Block Magic consortium meeting, 17th-18th January 2013 – Barcelona, Spain

The third Block Magic consortium meeting will be held in the premises of the University of Barcelona, Campus Mundet.

The two days meeting (January17-18, 2013) will have the following agenda:

  1. Check the state of the art of BLOCK MAGIC project;
  2. Discuss first results for formative evaluation in Spain, Germany, Greece and Italy;
  3. Discuss new exercises for the summative evaluation;
  4. Define timing and modalities for the summative evaluation;
  5. Open the WP8 – Exploitation and discuss on the related works;
  6. Check the state of the art of the technology;
  7. Discuss on strategy for scientific publications;
  8. Define the Block Magic Book structure;
  9. Discuss an road map for the future works;
  10. Others relevant matters.

All partners have confirmed their participation so see you soon!