Concept evaluation report and new Block Magic prototype presented during the Consortium meeting in Dresden

The Block Magic project consorcium met for the second time in Dresden (Germany) during July 10-11. All project partners were represented and were kindly welcomed by the UNIDR team.

Some of the main issues discussed were the sucessfull Concept evaluation and the new prototype of the Block Magic system.

The Concept evaluation was held in Germany with a small group of teachers of a kindergarten through a focus group. The assessment of the Block Magic concept was in overall very positive. Particularly teachers consider Block Magic a good tool to increase the motivation for learning. They underlined some issues, such as possible problems to integrate the kit into the daily group routines or envisioned difficulty to manage the wand (old version). Furthermore, the feedback includes suggestions to make the interaction less artificial by, for example, use child voices and task based on a short story, etc.

A new  prototype of the Block Magic system was presented by ISTC-CNR. The new device will be a tablet version where the blocks will be placed, instead of using a wand for selection of the desired piece. This new solution meets the use requirements and teachers’ suggestions obtained from the focus group. Furthermore, it will alow much larger set of exercises to be developed, as it would be able to sense up to four blocks at a time.